Copier Manufacturers are bundling software applications into the latest MFPs. They finally realize they are no longer in the copier business but Connectivity/Services business. I’ll discuss a few of the newest affordable trends in this area that a lot of customer value. This week we’ll begin with Kyocera’s new HyPAS.

Trend #1 Teaching Assistant

This is an embedded solution that simplifies the analyzing of multiple choice test results using popular sheet forms. A big time saver for schools

Trend #2 Printing from Mobile devices such as Ipads and Smart Phones.

Trend #3 ColorLock and AccessLock

Organizations can have better control at the device level to control color usage. Many people copy and print things in color which should be black because it’s just for the file and not the customer.

Trend #4 Capture2go

Available free at the Apple Appstore for iTunes. Users can scan documents for review at another time.

Trend #5 KYOcapture powered by AutoStore

Kyocera’s solution to Capture, Process, and Route your Content.

Trend #6 PaperTrail

PaperTrail monitors print output on networked Kyocera MfPs.

Trend #7 Equitrac

Embedded Equitrac provides simplified print/copy tracking and cost recovery.

Trend #8 Open Text Fax Server, RightFax Edition

Kyocera offers advanced integration with RightFax, giving users the ability to scan/send.

If you’re curious about any of these trends or interested in a gently used copier give us a call. Sometimes a software solution from a non copier manufacturer is better and we don’t hesitate to recommend it. This is especially true with ‘paperless solutions.’ On a previous blog I discussed why we often recommend Treeno for this.