Many people spend hours talking to different copier sales reps and entertaining proposals only to find out they didn’t read their current lease carefully.  They then find out some surprises such as there is still a year to go or they didn’t cancel soon enough and the thing renewed for another year.  Yes, some leasing companies sneaked an automatic one year renewal into the fine print if you didn’t cancel way ahead of time (4 months).

So before, you shop for a new copier find your lease and read the back of it.  Often the lease is hard to locate because of employee turnover or maybe the original copier sales rep only gave you a copy of the front.  Not big deal………just call the leasing company and request a copy.  Their phone number and your customer number will be on the invoice you pay off of every month.

Don’t call the original copier dealer for a copy of the lease.  That notifies them that you are going to shop around and they will delay your request until they have a chance to sell you a new one.  If they create a lot of confusion over the matter you may think it’s simpler just to stick with them.

If you want to upgrade anyway even with months remaining on your lease you still have options.  Call the leasing company  who invoices you every month;  not the servicing copier dealer.  Ask the leasing company for the payoff amount with you sending the copier back. The leasing company will quote a higher price and hope that you keep the copier.  They really don’t want it.  Ask for the lower amount which is you sending it back.  Give this figure to the sales reps when you are requesting a quote.

The leasing company will explain that you have to insure your copier;  prepare it;  and transport it  to a designated warehouse.  Allow about $400 t0 $500 for this.  It’s not that big of a deal.  The copier dealer you decide to go with can do most of this for you.  Make sure you discuss it ahead of time or you will be out of luck later.  Once the deal is done a lot of companies won’t help you with this.  Bring it up early when you are talking the copier sales reps.