First of all, A4 is a European term. Their letter size paper is a little different than ours. By the same token, an A3 copier is one that makes 11×17 copies slightly different than ours. So this information and $1.62 will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

What A4 really means is a small cheap used copier that actually works. Let me explain. Initially, manufacturers stuck a scanner on a printer and said to the dealers sell these like a copier. The problem was the copier features were sometimes awkward. The little thing wasn’t intuitive like the larger copiers resulting in confusing instructions. Plus the printer manufacturers insisted on sticking with their expensive supplies meaning toner/drum cartridges.

One manufacturer was a little different. Kyocera bought a bankrupt copier company back in the 90’s called Mita. For a few years they experimented with trying to combine two different worlds; the world of printer manufacturers and copier manufacturers. This led to some mistakes and reliability issues.

However, all that changed after the 90’s. They brought the printer reputation for reliability to a copier manufacturer which they now owned. For the last seven or eight years they have consistently placed high in reliability surveys. This was primarily with the larger 11 x 17 type copiers.

However, a few years ago they came out with a line of A4 MFP’s that are much cheaper and work well. In fact, Buyers Lab called the Kyocera FS-1128 MFP Copier of the Year for 2010. This model happens to be our top seller. Even in high volumes this little guy seems to hold up

Nowadays all the manufacturers offer A4 copiers. They had no choice since this is a fast growing trend. Kyocera did another bold move by using cheap supplies similar to their larger copiers. This left behind the HPs of the world who were still using expensive toner/drum cartridges for supplies. Kyocera separated the toner from the drum which is what keeps the price low for toner since the drums are long lasting with a three years or 100,000 copies warranty.

They duplicated this 3 years or 100,000 copies warranty on all the expensive stuff; drum, developer, and fuser. However, to get this unprecedented warranty you need to buy or lease from a local authorized reseller such as us. We are the only ones that can do the warranty work and get you the replacement to save you money.