Copier Leasing Austin TXMost companies lease copiers and most people sign whatever the sales reps present to them so let me give you one or two  questions to ask.  The most important question is the discussion of the options at the end.  YOU DON’T WANT TO GET EVERGREENED.  What does that mean?


The leases with the lowest rates sometimes have a clause that says if you don’t notify them way ahead of time about your end of lease intentions;  it will renew for 12 months and you are locked in for another year whether you like it or not.  That guarantees them and the current copier vendor continuing business.  In other words, you can’t shop around for a better deal.  The only person that can rescue you is the incumbent dealer and guess what?  There is no incentive to give you a great deal since he or she has no competition.


Most leases should be fair market value purchase options that don’t automatically renew at the end.  If you forget to communicate with the leasing company near the end of the lease it simply goes month to month with a 30 or 60 day cancellation notice.  Fortunately, most leases today are this way because of all the controversy around Evergreen type leases.


There is a lease with a $1 purchase option but you don’t really save any money because the monthly payments will be higher to compensate for less being owed at the end.  If you want advice on leasing;  even if the lease isn’t with us please give us a call and we would be glad to help.