Many businesses have been perplexed by the difference in printing & scanning at the office compared to the home.  That cheap little MFP we bought at the store for our home seems to set up immediately for printing and scanning.  With Wireless and AirPrint now standard on store bought MFPs we just have to point and shoot with no set up if we want to print from our smartphone. Of course, those type MFPs are not practical for the office. They are not built to last and the supplies are really expensive.  However, you can easily print from your Smartphone and other mobile devices.  So when someone spends considerably more for the “real deal” at the office for a commercial grade MFP:  the experience is often different.  In the past, you couldn’t just point your phone at the copier and go print.  It was a more complicated set up. Well, those days are gone.  The newer commercial grade MFPs are coming with Wireless and AirPrint as standard features.  The large Asian copier … [Read more...]