Have you made the switch from analog phone lines to VOIP to save money.  Many businesses have.  How did the transition go?  Did you also switch your fax lines over?  Not everybody does for a variety of reasons.  Some people want to keep their fax line or like the simplicity of faxing from the MFP as opposed to going through the multiple steps of faxing through a third party faxing service such as Efax.   Are you using a third party faxing service with your VOIP?  How is that working out?  Do the faxes come to your email and print as well?  Is it easy to send the fax?   Many people maintain an analog fax line even though they have VOIP or a third party fax service such as Efax.  They do this for simplicity and to have prints of the faxes as well as the email reception.   If your analog fax line or lines are costing you $50 per month or more you can save money and do it better by using the ‘Email Gateway’ feature of the new Muratec MFPs.  Instead of … [Read more...]