Many businesses have been perplexed by the difference in printing & scanning at the office compared to the home.  That cheap little MFP we bought at the store for our home seems to set up immediately for printing and scanning.  With Wireless and AirPrint now standard on store bought MFPs we just have to point and shoot with no set up if we want to print from our smartphone. Of course, those type MFPs are not practical for the office. They are not built to last and the supplies are really expensive.  However, you can easily print from your Smartphone and other mobile devices.  So when someone spends considerably more for the “real deal” at the office for a commercial grade MFP:  the experience is often different.  In the past, you couldn’t just point your phone at the copier and go print.  It was a more complicated set up. Well, those days are gone.  The newer commercial grade MFPs are coming with Wireless and AirPrint as standard features.  The large Asian copier … [Read more...]


Everybody is moving to the cloud to save money.  This migration is now available with your copier which for most businesses is also the scanner.  A lot of people make sure their new copier has a good scanner because the want to go paperless.  Well, you can’t go paperless without some type of software that’s robust and easy to use. Until recently that was a pretty expensive decision with document management and ECM packages selling for over $10,000; which is usually more than the price of the copier.  Well along comes the Cloud and now there is a game changer!   Intellicloud is one these new affordable cloud based document management/ECM software packages.  There are no licensing fees or annual renewals.  Plus the software sells for a fraction of the prices mentioned earlier.   How can it be both robust and affordable?  The Cloud!  Somebody else maintains it.  You simply get it and have the appropriate icons appearing on your copier touch pad.  If you’re … [Read more...]

Scanning Copiers in Austin TX

With the emerging technology in today’s society advances in copy and scanning capabilities are increasing at a rapid rate. Copiers used to only allow for one destination when scanning your document, “Scan to Folder”. Today you not only have a plethora of options as to where you send your document, but also in which format you send it. The copier pictured is a Muratec MFX-C2280 manufactured by Konica, one of the leading color copiers in today’s industry. It offers easier, quicker methods than most conventional copiers. The scan functions include: Scan to E-Mail, Scan to FTP, Scan to HDD, Scan to PPT, Scan to SharePoint, Scan to SMB, Scan to USB, and Network TWAIN. You may be new to the copier industry and unfamiliar with many of the above mentioned utilities or perhaps you’re a copier whiz just staying up to date with the latest technology- either way getting from A to B has just become a lot easier and more efficient. Many copiers, by providing so many options, are future-proofing … [Read more...]