A copier is not a copier when it operates like an Ipad or Iphone. Apps are giving a new definition to Multifunction Devices. Free downloads of apps to a copier or MFP are now becoming the new norm. For example, one of the most popular downloads is for Mobile Printing. You would simply go to the copier manufacturer’s website app store or call us for help. All copier companies are doing this to some degree but some even go further. Sharp has integrated OSA which is a type of open architecture which developers can integrate existing software applications into the copier Touchpad for seamless integration, even for cloud applications. In fact, the touchpad on a Sharp MFP looks and acts like an Ipad or Iphone. That’s probably because Foxconn, an Asian manufacturer for Apple, invested in Sharp within the last couple of years. With the Konica MFPs under the Muratec label you can go to their Pagescope section and download Mobile Printing. It is very easy to use. If you need help call … [Read more...]


Most people lease color copiers or all in ones or MFPs to make them affordable. Most people who lease like to have service and toner included. Most leases on new color copiers/MFPs are five years. People are scanning more and printing less so it’s hard to know your exact page volume for the next five years. Most people include black and color pages based on previous experience. Don’t! Go ahead and put the black in the lease and keep on mind that black is typically 80 to 90% of your monthly volume. The rest is usually color. Black pages on a new lease with service, parts, and toner are around $.012 each so if you make a mistake and include too many black pages it’s not that painful. However, color pages are usually in there at a higher rate because there’s 4 drums, 4 toners, 4 developers, etc. so a lot of time you’ll see a rate of $.06 per page or higher. If you include too many of those; Ouch! So here’s a better idea. Pay for actual usage in arrears. In other words, keep the … [Read more...]