Here a few ideas to save you money when you lease a copier or MFP. Most leases have service and toner included. Since color pages are calculated at a much higher rate than black; keep them separate and billed in arrears on a quarterly basis. That way you didn’t pay for color pages you never made. Also, include a conservative amount of black pages in the lease. If you use up the allotted amount ahead of time most companies will then offer you a month to month service/supply agreement for the balance of the lease. People are printing less and if you include a large amount of black pages, you bought them whether you make them or not. So it’s better to use it up ahead of time and then just do a month to month maintenance/supply agreement for the balance. Make sure the lease has no “escalations”. In other words, you want the last lease payment to be the same as the first. A very well known copier company uses these escalation leases and they are the exception rather than the rule. … [Read more...]