I have an observation about an IT’s role to most organizations. It’s almost as if they’ve taken on the status of a doctor or god. Some organizations won’t make a decision on getting a new copiers Austin unless it has their IT person’s blessing. Well I’ll let you in on a little secret. But before I begin let me say for the record that I have a lot of respect for IT people. They do really important work but are they also copier experts?


Here is the basis for most IT recommendations. IT person joins a leads group such as BNI in order to find some more business. Copier sales rep joins a leads group for a similar reason. They eventually meet and decide to start sending business to each other. They may even pay each other finders fees. They continue to go to leads club meetings and develop a good working relationship and send each other business.


Sounds pretty innocent doesn’t it? Well, let me give you a real life example of this in Austin and you decide. I’m talking to company A about an Austin copier and proposing what they want in their price range. Things go well but they make it clear that they aren’t leasing anything until their IT person blesses it. I didn’t know how to tell her that her IT person always recommends the same dealership regardless of what her copier needs are. Secondly, the copier dealership he was recommending to her had one of the slowest service responses in Austin.


I didn’t say anything to the prospect about any of this. First of all, it would have been unprofessional. Secondly, it was clear to me that my opinion wasn’t on par with the IT person’s opinion so why bother. I think you can see how his recommendation was based on a friendship more so than what company A needed in the way of copier Austin.


I’m not saying to not involve IT in the decision. However, his role should be limited to his expertise of how is the copier going to print and scan with the existing network.