Businesses shop for a copier and often focus on price, speed, and accessories.  The overlook the one thing that’s really important; scan speed.  Most businesses today are scanning more and printing less yet they focus on print speeds when comparing copier models.  Instead, they should be also focusing on scan speeds because a fast scanner can compensate for a slower print speed and save you money.

muratec c2880NHere’s how to evaluate scan speeds.  With print, it was called printed pages per minute.  For example, 33 ppm. With scanning, it’s “images per minute”.  On the brochure look for the term “ipm”.  It’s sometimes a little hard to find on the spec sheet.  If the spec sheet doesn’t mention it than you can assume it is slow.

A good place to start is to go to the last page of the spec sheet where all the statistics are.  Go to the scan section and you should be able to find “images per minute” or “ipm”.  If it’s not there go back to the top of the final page and see if it was put in the beginning under general MFP features.  If you can’t find it contact us and we can find it for you at no charge.

Another important feature on color MFPs is “PDF compression”.  Most businesses scan color originals at a higher resolution such as 600 dpi instead of 300dpi. This eats up bandwidth and your MFP/Scanner may beep at you that the job is too big to send.  Make sure your new MFP has compression features especially on PDF compression so that you can send them to people without overloading the available bandwidth.

If you have any questions on this contact us because sometimes it is hard to understand the nomenclature on the spec sheets for the compression features.