Here a few ideas to save you money when you lease a copier or MFP.

Most leases have service and toner included. Since color pages are calculated at a much higher rate than black; keep them separate and billed in arrears on a quarterly basis. That way you didn’t pay for color pages you never made. Also, include a conservative amount of black pages in the lease. If you use up the allotted amount ahead of time most companies will then offer you a month to month service/supply agreement for the balance of the lease.

People are printing less and if you include a large amount of black pages, you bought them whether you make them or not. So it’s better to use it up ahead of time and then just do a month to month maintenance/supply agreement for the balance.

Copier LeasingMake sure the lease has no “escalations”. In other words, you want the last lease payment to be the same as the first. A very well known copier company uses these escalation leases and they are the exception rather than the rule. So make sure you ask about the escalation clause before you sign anything.

Make sure the lease has no “Evergreen” clause. This is one of those leases you can never seem to get out of without paying severe penalties. Unethical but legal. Simply ask the sales rep about how the cancellation procedure works at the end. What you want is a lease where when you give cancellation notice at the end; either on time or in arrears, you only have to give a 60 or 30 day notice. An evergreen lease automatically renews for a year and the only person who can get you out of it is the current vendor.

The problem with the above scenario is you can’t get a good deal when you get out of the lease because you can’t shop around. Only the incumbent dealer can get you out of it so there’s no incentive for them to give you much of a discount. Leasing companies with evergreen leases also offer non-evergreen leases. A well known leasing company has the following terms; cancellation notice must be given between the 6th and 4th months at the end of the lease. Now who is going to remember that at the end of a 5 year lease? Not many. So when you miss that window it renews for a year.