By now a lot of people have switched from traditional faxing to electronic faxing.  However, it is still a mystery to many people so let me simplify it and discuss the benefits.  Let’s talk money first.  Usually there’s a cost savings for two reasons.  One is you can cancel your analog phone line used for faxing which will save you $35 to $75 per month.  That also means you don’t need to buy a fax machine which typically saves $250 per device or you can eliminate buying a fax kit on your new copier/MFP which saves $500-$1250 per device.  Additional savings would be eliminating the need for buying a fax server or software and not paying long distance fees.

Multi-Function PrinterSome user advantages would be that unlimited users can fax from their PC/smartphone at no extra charge.  Also, unlimited MFPs can be fax-enabled for walk-up faxing at no extra charge.  There will never be busy signals for incoming faxes.  Customized routing of inbound faxes to a PC.  Low-cost extra fax numbers for each employee or department.

This is all made possible by leveraging the cloud.  There’s no hardware; no software; no maintenance; and it’s platform agnostic.  It works regardless of brand/type of computer, operating system, MFP, or phone system.  With the monthly service from a company such as eGoldFax you pay as you go with no long term commitment.  You can change plans or cancel any time.

What makes this work is that the monthly service fee with eGoldFax which you can get through us is less than the cost of the analog phone line which you used to pay for to make your fax machine work.  I’m referring the hole in the wall behind the fax or copier which connects one end of the phone line and the other end goes into the MFP or fax machine.  The plans start at $29.99 per month so check your phone bill and see how much you’re paying now for the fax line.  Also, if your fax machine dies call us before buying another fax machine.  We are all about saving you money and I think in 2016 that will be at the top of everyone’s list.