Today’s headlines aren’t looking too good.  The economic news could be wrong but it looks like the sluggishness will continue not just in the US but everywhere.  Even the BRIC nations have started slowing down.

A4 copiers are smaller versions of the larger A3 copiers.  They are smaller because there is no 11 x 17 copying but the price is dramatically lower.  Letter and Legal size is all most people need.  It’s worth looking into.   The newer A4s can even handle higher volumes just like the larger copiers.

An A4 copier on a lease with service is often 1/3 the price of the larger A3 copier.  Again, the A3 is larger for 11 x 17 printing.  Less than 10% of businesses use 11 x 17.

If you need 11 x 17 copies/prints/scans look into a late model used A3 copier.  One of the best places for this is

The average refurbished 11 x 17 copier is about 25% of the original MSRP.  Either way, a new A4 or refurbished A3 will put your copier budget where it belongs;  as a minor monthly payment instead of a major monthly payment.