Before you lease that new copier ask for a copy of the proposed lease and read the section about end of lease options. What you don’t want is one that says something like, “if you don’t notify us by this date it will renew for successive 12 month periods.” That’s called being “Evergreened”.

leased copierWithin the past month I’ve talked to two companies wanting out of the current lease with their current vendor. They were pretty disappointed to find out that their five year lease was now a six year lease because they didn’t cancel in time. To the best of my knowledge there’s no way to break this renewal. You are locked into the same leasing company and copier vendor.

Oftentimes when we get invited into these situations it’s because a business is printing and copying less and wants to save money or they are having some trouble with the equipment. It it’s the latter, I encourage them to keep placing service calls even if it’s daily. At some point the problem will get resolved with that strategy. Otherwise the service department will start losing money.

If the goal is to save money the only option is to lower the print and copy volumes. There are different ways to do that depending on the application and workflow environment. For a free analysis on that give us a call and we will evaluate you situation and see what options are practical for you if any.