The answer is becoming yes for more and more companies.  What is driving this is the steady erosion of prices for printer service and supplies.  Once upon a time a Print Management Program was only practical for large companies with many printers.  It was easy to show a cost savings because they often had a fleet of suppliers with different prices and you could simply quote $.05 per print and show the savings.

Well now quotes in the $.015 area are becoming more common which means you don’t have to own a bunch of printers to get the cost savings.  The best way to see if this makes sense for you is to call a copier rep since it’s copier companies pushing Print Management.  That’s because the copier business is flat and people buy about 6 printers for each copier.  So they took cost per copy maintenance agreements for copiers and adapted it to printers

For those new to Print Management here are the main benefits.

All printer service and supplies are quoted on a per print basis.  You simply call when you need something.  Similar to how your copier maintenance agreement works where everything is included except paper.  Even though printers don’t break often the toner cartridges are expensive and the overall print volume is much higher.

If you have several printers and feel like you make a lot of prints invite us in to do a free evaluation.  We simply look at some recent printer bills to get an idea of your current expenditures.  Then we take a couple of meter readings on the printers about two weeks apart.

With this information we can give you a good idea of expected savings with a Print Management Contract.  Again, this is similar to what you’ve done for years with your copiers.  It’s just that today companies have a variety of printers and cartridges; some new and some re-manufactured.  This can be confusing.  Especially if you have more than one vendor.  Plus IT personnel don’t like to be bothered with toner and service issues.  They have more important things to do supporting the network.