One thing that gets overlooked in all the excitement of getting a new copier is who is going to connect it for printing and scanning and who is going to pay for it.  Many copier companies leave it up to the customer because the IT part of the installation is expensive and since many companies already have an IT person it seems simple enough.

However, for some mysterious reason many high IQ IT people struggle with it.  It’s not something they normally do.  Plus they may be kinda busy and will get to it later.  Most people want to print and scan the day the copier is delivered.

Beware that if you ask the copier company to do it for you it may be an extra billable item.  If the sales rep didn’t note Free Network Installation on the quote you can assume it’s billable.  Again, ask about it and negotiate it when picking your new or used copier.  For the record, we connect the print and scan for Free.  The reason is because it’s what people want.  In other words, people are motivated to get a new copier for printing and scanning as well as copying and they need to be printing and scanning when the old copier is unplugged and sent off to ‘copier heaven’.

Another thing to be aware of  is who is going to pay to ship your leased copier back to the leasing company.  The leasing company says that you are responsible for it so bring it up when talking to the sales rep.  Since it can easily cost $400 to $500 to ship a copier back you need to make the sales rep aware of the expense so they can get approval from management to pay for it.

In my opinion it’s ridiculous that leasing companies make the user pay for this.  It wasn’t  that way in the old days.  But don’t get me on my soap box about leasing companies.  They can be worse to deal with than credit card companies.  Some of the things they do are unethical but legal.  One exception to this is the leasing company we use, Great America Leasing.  They consistently rank #1 in surveys among copier companies and when you call you actually get a person and not a phone tree.