I would like to suggest a few things that you may or may not be doing in your current office environment to save money. Hopefully, you pick up at least one new idea. If you have any good ideas that I overlooked please email me so I can pass them on.


First of all, make sure your color copier or printer has Black as the default mode. As you can see when you get your monthly maintenance agreement bill color pages are billed at a much higher rate than black. Sometimes the copy or print you need is for the file and doesn’t have to be in color. Run it in black instead.


However, many copiers are delivered with color being the default. This is more profitable for the dealer. Simply ask the tech to change it next time they’re there for a service call. It will take them about two minutes. This could cut your maintenance agreement bill in half.


Another thing is knowing when to send a print job to a copier and when to do it on your personal printer. Larger print jobs should always go to the copier because the supplies are usually included in your maintenance agreement so in that sense they’re free. However, you don’t want to walk down the hall to the copier when you only want one or two prints so don’t throw away your printer just because you got a new copier.


A helpful thing to do is set the copier up as the default printer. That way you won’t send a big print job to the printer with expensive supplies. Plus the copier has duplexing which also saves money and paper. Duplex everything you can. It cuts down on postage; paper usage; and file space.


Another money saving copier feature that most people don’t know about is called COMBINE. Have you ever walked out of a seminar or conference and you were handed a copy of the presenter’s Power Point presentation in miniature. That is what combine does. You can take up to 8 originals and have them all come out in miniature on the same side of the paper. A real life example of how this can be used is when you pass out notices. Next time copy them two up or four up and then cut the stack. That way your reminder about a company meeting can be on something smaller such as dollar bill size paper.