The fastest growing area of copiers is the A4 segment which simply means copiers that do everything but 11×17 and stapling. However, the price is significantly lower and some of the newer A4s do have a very small stapling assembly.


96% of businesses don’t need 11×17 so let’s assume you’re in that category. The next big question is your volume. If your volume is very low go to a store and buy whatever is on sale. If your volume is more than very low you may be in the gray area where a commercial grade A4 copier makes sense.


What is a commercial grade A4 copier? It’s a small copier that uses cheap long lasting supplies just like the larger copiers. This is really important if you need color. We have all been baptized by the high price of inkjet cartridges. We bought an inkjet MFP for just about free only to get clobbered by the supply costs for the next two years.


One of our lines is Kyocera. They have very cheap long lasting copier leasing supplies. We add to the savings by using a good line of generic black toner that doesn’t void the warranty. Some generic toners mess up the copy quality so I always ask the service guys before putting a generic in a customer’s machine. However, the generic line we sell is half the price of the OEM toner.


Another way to save money on used copiers is to include some service in the lease if you lease instead of buy. That’s because most companies raise service rates 10% per year. If it’s built into your lease then you don’t have to worry about it. Plus we all expect a lot of inflation in the future because of all bailout money that’s been created the last few years as the FED tried to breathe life back into the economy. That money will eventually work it’s way into the economy.


Many copier vendors don’t mention that they carry A4 copiers because the profit and commission is so small. Our attitude on that is a little different which is why I named our website I don’t fight trends. I’d rather give people what they want. I think people are downsizing in all areas not just office equipment.