Copier and service leaseMost people lease their new Copiers/MFPs and include service and toner.  So how much should you include.  Many people look at their past history and put that much into the lease.  I wouldn’t do that.  There is a trend toward scanning more and printing less and since most leases are for 60 months I would probably put a lesser amount of pages into the lease because if you don’t use them during the lease you bought them anyway.  It’s better to use them up ahead of time and then just go on a month to month service agreement for a few months near the end.  That way you didn’t waste any money.

I also recommend keeping color pages out of the lease and billed separately based on actual usage.  That way you didn’t buy the more expensive color pages and not use them.  An alternative idea would be to put a lesser amount into the lease and if they get used up just go with a month to month maintenance/supply agreement near the end.

Both of the above ideas will save you money.  Keep in mind that it’s profitable for the copier seller to put a lot of pages into the lease; especially color pages.  However, if you print less in the future you will lose those pages when the lease expires.  Most leases say something like, “includes # of pages or # of months whichever occurs first.”

Finally, I like to put the pages into the lease as a lump sum.  An example of that would be “100,000 pages or 60 months whichever comes first.”  That way you can use them up at your own pace and don’t have to deal with monthly minimums and fees for excess pages.  If you’ve leased before you will appreciate these ideas.  If you’re new to leasing call us and we can answer your questions in more depth.