Okay, I know you’re skeptical at this point but hear me out.  Some of these ideas may be things you thought about long ago or are just hearing for the first time.  I’m going to begin with some obvious things and then bring up some new ideas.  So let’s begin.

First of all you need a color copier at a really low price with cheap long lasting supplies to eliminate your current inkjet cartridges.  We’ve all bought color inkjets  for a cheap price at the the super stores only to spend a small fortune the next two years keeping them fed.  I think the inkjet printers I’ve purchased have invisible ink since the cartridges  are always running out.  Am I saying to throw the inkjet products away?  No, keep one nearby for convenience whether it’s for faxing or scanning or just a few quick prints.

The cheapest color MFPs that are commercial grade with cheap long lasting supplies are the new A4 category.  What’s the difference between them and the larger more traditional color copiers?  11 x 17!  When’s the last time you needed 11 x 17?  If it’s occasional have it  done at a local copy shop.

Second money saving idea.  What color work is being done for you now outside of your office.  Can you bring some of that work in house?  Not all work needs to be  magazine quality.  You need to call a copier representative to find out what work can realistically  be  brought in house.  You’d be surprised.  You can even get magazine type paper now for laser type color copiers/MFPs.

Finally, an idea you may not of considered.  Depending on the nature of your business and your location you can share your color MFP with other businesses on your floor or street.  They have the same needs described above.  In fact it may be a long drive for them to get color copies/prints/scans.  They are also reticent to do long color jobs on their expensive inkjets.

How does this benefit you?  Most copy shops put color copies/prints on sale for as low as $.039 each.  Your cost with a maintenance agreement and toner is about $.08 each.  Simply price the color pages you’re selling your neighbor between and $.08 and $.39 and you saved them money and got yourself a free color copier.  And don’t forget color scanning which most people don’t have.  Color scans are free to you.  I was in a UPS store yesterday that charges $5 for a scan to email.