In my opinion the most important feature to discuss when shopping for a copier is the scanning capability and compatibility to your current network.  This often gets overlooked because people take it for granted.  I have noticed that this is the one area on copier installations that can get complicated.  Following are a few tips.

Forget “speeds and feeds” when talking to the copier sales rep.  Discuss connectivity with your computer system.  Not all copiers like MacIntosh.   The complicated part is the many ways to do scan to email.  Begin by discussing this with the sales rep.  If the sales rep doesn’t know the answer they can get the answer for you.  They can either talk to their own IT installer or the manufacturer.

It’s better to have this discussion with your potential vendor in case there is some problems on the installation.  He/she said it would work and they need to get it to work on their nickel.  The problem with asking an independent IT person for advice is they may have a vendor they refer business to.  Often they do this because the copier vendor refers business back to them as well.  The motivation becomes sharing leads as opposed to an objective opinion.

The best time to bring in your IT person is after you decided which one you like and you need his opinion on compatibility.  He can then talk to the copier vendor or go on line for the information he needs.  He can discuss any concerns he has after that.  Again, if you ask him for a recommendation early in the buying cycle he/she will often recommend someone who belongs to the same leads group.  Nothing wrong with this;  it’s just you need to know that.

The only time there may be a problem with IT getting the driver they need is if your computer operating system is really new or really old.  This sometimes is an issue if someone gets a new Mac and plans on buying an older copier used.  That needs to be discussed before you sign the lease.