Copier Leasing: Austin Technology Group

Copier leasing decisions can sometimes create a real headache for businesses.  At Austin Technology Group, we don’t think that your choices should be confined to what the big-box retailers have to offer. There are plenty of reasons to do business with us for your copier needs, rather than the big impersonal companies:

  • A maintenance agreement with ATG is month-to-month, with a 30-day-notice cancellation policy. With ATG, you won’t be locked into a year-long maintenance agreement. We offer excellent copier repair services.
  • Monthly minimums are adjustable and flexible, according to your copy demand. We can set your monthly minimum at a rate you can afford (and keep you from paying for copies you never made).
  • We offer same-day service and loaners if your copier can’t be fixed that day.
  • A call to ATG gets you to a human being, rather than a maze of voicemail services.
  • Lots of bigger companies “evergreen” their copier leasing, meaning automatic renewal at the end of a year. Some companies want a four-to-six-month notice from customers, stating their intentions; when customers miss or forget this deadline, their lease is evergreened at the end. Not so with ATG; the option is yours at the end of your lease term, and you can upgrade or change your service terms as needed.

    Austin Technology Group is Ready to Help

    Let Austin Technology Group help you improve your copier, printer and scanning needs with one of our robust, reliable and powerful MFPs. Ask us about our Sharp, Kyocera, and Muratec Copiers. Call us at (512) 947-1734!