Here a few ideas to save you money when you lease a copier or MFP. Most leases have service and toner included. Since color pages are calculated at a much higher rate than black; keep them separate and billed in arrears on a quarterly basis. That way you didn’t pay for color pages you never made. Also, include a conservative amount of black pages in the lease. If you use up the allotted amount ahead of time most companies will then offer you a month to month service/supply agreement for the balance of the lease. People are printing less and if you include a large amount of black pages, you bought them whether you make them or not. So it’s better to use it up ahead of time and then just do a month to month maintenance/supply agreement for the balance. Make sure the lease has no “escalations”. In other words, you want the last lease payment to be the same as the first. A very well known copier company uses these escalation leases and they are the exception rather than the rule. … [Read more...]


A copier is not a copier when it operates like an Ipad or Iphone. Apps are giving a new definition to Multifunction Devices. Free downloads of apps to a copier or MFP are now becoming the new norm. For example, one of the most popular downloads is for Mobile Printing. You would simply go to the copier manufacturer’s website app store or call us for help. All copier companies are doing this to some degree but some even go further. Sharp has integrated OSA which is a type of open architecture which developers can integrate existing software applications into the copier Touchpad for seamless integration, even for cloud applications. In fact, the touchpad on a Sharp MFP looks and acts like an Ipad or Iphone. That’s probably because Foxconn, an Asian manufacturer for Apple, invested in Sharp within the last couple of years. With the Konica MFPs under the Muratec label you can go to their Pagescope section and download Mobile Printing. It is very easy to use. If you need help call … [Read more...]


Most people lease color copiers or all in ones or MFPs to make them affordable. Most people who lease like to have service and toner included. Most leases on new color copiers/MFPs are five years. People are scanning more and printing less so it’s hard to know your exact page volume for the next five years. Most people include black and color pages based on previous experience. Don’t! Go ahead and put the black in the lease and keep on mind that black is typically 80 to 90% of your monthly volume. The rest is usually color. Black pages on a new lease with service, parts, and toner are around $.012 each so if you make a mistake and include too many black pages it’s not that painful. However, color pages are usually in there at a higher rate because there’s 4 drums, 4 toners, 4 developers, etc. so a lot of time you’ll see a rate of $.06 per page or higher. If you include too many of those; Ouch! So here’s a better idea. Pay for actual usage in arrears. In other words, keep the … [Read more...]


The other day I talked to someone who had a 5 year lease that escalated each year.  In other words, they thought they had a locked in price for five years and when they noticed the payments increasing each year realized that they should have read the terms of the lease.  The good news is that this kind of lease is not the norm. This is unfortunate for a couple of reasons.  First, buyers usually trust the sales rep and don’t bother reading the lease when they sign.  I mean really, did we read every document when we bought a car or house?  Of course not and it’s pretty much the same with copiers.  Most copier companies have several leasing partners so simply tell the sales rep that you want to make sure the lease payments are firm for the duration of the lease.  That way if they know it’s going to be an issue they can use the other leasing partner when creating a quote for you. Please note that in the above example I am not talking about rate increases in maintenance agreements.  I … [Read more...]


Finally, I read an article on a new software product that I hope gets legs.  It’s called Intellicloud and if has a cheaper entry price and no licensing fees.  For some years now trade journals have been telling us copier dealers to expand into software offerings.  Since we are in the scanning business big time with our copiers a natural extension would be to offer Document Management. In laymen terms, Document Management is software that makes it easy to store and retrieve scanned documents.  This sounds simple but think about how many hundreds and thousands of things you’ve scanned the last few years.  Plus a lot of items that are saved have always been digital and never traveled the route of digital to paper and back to digital again which is what most people hear when you I say scanning. Without mentioning names;  the most popular Document Management choices to date have been quite expensive.  A good sales rep can use ‘pencil selling’ to cost justify the investment.  For … [Read more...]


The biggest difference is price. The A4 MFPs are smaller because they don’t do 11 x 17. Since they are compact they don’t always offer the range of accessories as a larger copier does. Examples of this would be large stapling sorters and large capacity paper trays that hold 2500 sheets. If you don’t need those features and can get by with just letter and legal an A4 MFP might make sense. Some of the newer A4s have convenience stapling if that is an occasional need. For example, a new A4 called the Muratec MFX-3590 offers both convenience stapling and shift sorting. Otherwise the specs between A3 and With less paper usage and the sluggish economy businesses are very frugal with their budget and are downsizing to these A4s which are often 1/3 the price of the larger copiers. If a business occasionally needs 11 x 17 I would suggest you simply go down the street to a Kinko’s and do it there rather than spend thousands more for a copier for an occasional … [Read more...]


Have you made the switch from analog phone lines to VOIP to save money.  Many businesses have.  How did the transition go?  Did you also switch your fax lines over?  Not everybody does for a variety of reasons.  Some people want to keep their fax line or like the simplicity of faxing from the MFP as opposed to going through the multiple steps of faxing through a third party faxing service such as Efax.   Are you using a third party faxing service with your VOIP?  How is that working out?  Do the faxes come to your email and print as well?  Is it easy to send the fax?   Many people maintain an analog fax line even though they have VOIP or a third party fax service such as Efax.  They do this for simplicity and to have prints of the faxes as well as the email reception.   If your analog fax line or lines are costing you $50 per month or more you can save money and do it better by using the ‘Email Gateway’ feature of the new Muratec MFPs.  Instead of … [Read more...]


Everybody is moving to the cloud to save money.  This migration is now available with your copier which for most businesses is also the scanner.  A lot of people make sure their new copier has a good scanner because the want to go paperless.  Well, you can’t go paperless without some type of software that’s robust and easy to use. Until recently that was a pretty expensive decision with document management and ECM packages selling for over $10,000; which is usually more than the price of the copier.  Well along comes the Cloud and now there is a game changer!   Intellicloud is one these new affordable cloud based document management/ECM software packages.  There are no licensing fees or annual renewals.  Plus the software sells for a fraction of the prices mentioned earlier.   How can it be both robust and affordable?  The Cloud!  Somebody else maintains it.  You simply get it and have the appropriate icons appearing on your copier touch pad.  If you’re … [Read more...]


Most companies lease copiers and most people sign whatever the sales reps present to them so let me give you one or two  questions to ask.  The most important question is the discussion of the options at the end.  YOU DON’T WANT TO GET EVERGREENED.  What does that mean?   The leases with the lowest rates sometimes have a clause that says if you don’t notify them way ahead of time about your end of lease intentions;  it will renew for 12 months and you are locked in for another year whether you like it or not.  That guarantees them and the current copier vendor continuing business.  In other words, you can’t shop around for a better deal.  The only person that can rescue you is the incumbent dealer and guess what?  There is no incentive to give you a great deal since he or she has no competition.   Most leases should be fair market value purchase options that don’t automatically renew at the end.  If you forget to communicate with the leasing company near the end … [Read more...]

Scanning Copiers in Austin TX

With the emerging technology in today’s society advances in copy and scanning capabilities are increasing at a rapid rate. Copiers used to only allow for one destination when scanning your document, “Scan to Folder”. Today you not only have a plethora of options as to where you send your document, but also in which format you send it. The copier pictured is a Muratec MFX-C2280 manufactured by Konica, one of the leading color copiers in today’s industry. It offers easier, quicker methods than most conventional copiers. The scan functions include: Scan to E-Mail, Scan to FTP, Scan to HDD, Scan to PPT, Scan to SharePoint, Scan to SMB, Scan to USB, and Network TWAIN. You may be new to the copier industry and unfamiliar with many of the above mentioned utilities or perhaps you’re a copier whiz just staying up to date with the latest technology- either way getting from A to B has just become a lot easier and more efficient. Many copiers, by providing so many options, are future-proofing … [Read more...]