The reason we’re named is because of the downsizing trend and desire to save money. A4 copiers are significantly cheaper than the traditional A3 copiers and the main thing you’re giving up is 11×17 copying which most people don’t do anymore. In some cases you’re giving up stapling; but not sorting.


This A4 used kyocera copiers austin trend is gaining steam which means that all the vendors are now offering some kind of A4 product even if it’s made by someone else. Kyocera decided to get aggressive and put a 3 year 100,000 copy warranty on their small commercial grade MFPs. What’s a commercial grade MFP? Cheap long lasting supplies just like the larger A3 copiers.


What’s the big deal about Kyocera’s warranty since all manufacturers offer a warranty of some sort. Kyocera made theirs on all the expensive stuff; the drum, the fuser, the developer and they did it for three years. We sell several lines of A4 MFPs and the other manufacturer warranties are not nearly this good. Plus, our other manufacturers have higher supply costs.


Why would Kyocera get this aggressive? I don’t know. It certainly makes it harder to sell maintenance agreements which use to be the sweet spot for copier dealers. Let me emphasize one important point; you can only get this 3 yr warranty through an authorized reseller. Internet vendors are not authorized resellers which means no warranty. This is a big reason to buy locally.


Anyone who has ever owned a used kyocera copier knows that they break and the average service rate in most towns is around $100. We are a little lower at $85. I like to discount everything including toner. The 3 year warranty saves you money and is an insurance policy. Maybe nothing major will break; but sometimes it does.


I personally buy some books and supplements online. Why not, they’re a commodity. However, office equipment is different. It requires set up and periodic maintenance. The profit on these A4 used copiers austin is pretty small which is why most dealers don’t even mention they sell them unless you ask.