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There are so many reasons to buy locally and do business with an Austin company:

  • Money spent in Austin stays in Austin, helping the tax base and community and providing jobs locally
  • A locally-based business is much more flexible when it comes to providing consultation and tailoring a sale for a customer’s specific set of needs
  • Austin-based companies like ATG can respond to customers’ needs for service much more quickly…in a period of hours instead of 2 or 3 working days
  • Comfortable working relationships; nobody is going to know Austin culture, business climate and needs better than an Austin company
  • Problem solving; the experienced hands at ATG can bring the kind of expertise you need to get around problems that might not need a service call. We are excellent at increasing your productivity

Don’t just presume that the big-box retailers are going to have an advantage over a locally-based company. The big-box players specialize in one-size-fits-all solutions; ATG can custom-fit leases, service programs and purchases to your company.

    Austin Technology Group is Ready to Help

    Let Austin Technology Group help you improve your copier, printer and scanning needs with one of our robust, reliable and powerful MFPs. Ask us about our Sharp, Kyocera, and Muratec Copiers. Call us at (512) 947-1734!