A4 copiers do everything a larger more expensive A3 copier does except 11 x 17. Some even come with stapling. The three large high tech companies are well known in the Austin area. Why is this newsworthy? I think high tech companies tend to be trend setters. They are usually ahead of the curve so to speak.

Now I doubt that the downsizing from a large fleet of A3 copiers to A4 copiers was 100%. There is probably one or two departments that still needed 11 x 17 for certain applications. However, most people today only make letter size copies and prints. Surveys show this is the case in 94% of businesses.

A good A3 copier might cost $10,000 with accessories. The equivalent A4 might cost $1500. I can tell you from personal experience that the smaller A4s are just as reliable. The main difference is they can’t make large 11 x 17 copies and certain brands such as Kyocera even have cheap long lasting supplies.

I’m not going to name the three companies but I was fascinated by the idea of a large company doing such a massive downsizing in copiers even though their sales were good. I sought out a person who seemed to know the details and he explained that it’s cheaper to buy an A4 copier and just replace it if it becomes a problem; just like with printers. After all, A4 copiers have the same small footprint and lower cost.

These companies in the past committed to a long term lease on an expensive larger A3 copier with an equally expensive maintenance agreement. When the lease was up they would refresh the models and do it again. Not anymore. IT is starting to get more involved in the process since copiers are connected to the network for printing and scanning. IT people tend to bring a printer mentality to the buying process.

This downsizing is affecting everything. People are buying tablets such as the Ipad instead of the more traditional PC or laptop. People are buying smaller cars with four cylinders and many are downsizing where they live as well.

I saw this A4 trend a few years ago and now I think it’s getting legs. That’s why I chose A4copiersaustin.com for a domain. We service the A4 copiers we sell and service calls for copier repair are rare. A lot of these get delivered on a three year lease with service and toner included for $75 per month. That’s a fraction of what businesses use to pay for an A3 copier lease with service and toner.